His Virgin (His and Hers, #1)

His Virgin (His and Hers, book 1)


Kindle Edition, Pages: 210

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Adult

Language: English

Reads: 27

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Book Summary

Librarian note: An older cover for this edition can be found here.

Whatever she wants, I want it ten times harder.

My name is Elijah Scott, and I’m going to be your next president. I’m a rich, ripped, and ready to conquer the campaign trail. When it comes to women, I’m not looking for anything serious. Not now, not ever.

Until I see Meredith.

The sweet little blonde with curves in all the right places. One look into those beautiful blue eyes, and I can’t help imagining how her hips would fit just right in my hands.

I’ll never forget the secret she whispers in my ear: she’s never been with anyone before. She’s a temptation I can’t resist.

She’s fresh out of college, just twenty-two years old and on the campaign trail with me… as a reporter. One leak exposed by Meredith, and my entire future goes up in flames.

As my secrets pile up, I can’t stop fantasizing about Meredith. She’s dangerous, a risk I can’t afford… but her taste, her voice moaning my name over and over… I can’t stop. Worse, I don’t want to watch her walk away.

This full length romance features some dirty words, adult situations, and is approximately 60,000 words.

Reader Reviews
  •    Kazralabar Mubrooney
    Love is true

    This romance was fantastic. Kept you on the edge. Full of passion and fire. Eli and Meredith met under unorthodox circumstances then realized when they saw eachother again that they could not about it because it could destroy their careers. When they finally decided to talk because they couldn't keep away from one another that 'was all she wrote'. The beginning of their secret affair until Meredith got tired of hiding. She didn't want to be a politicians dirty secret. Pretty much they couldn't stay away and then there was always something that will happen to change the tune but you have to read out but it's with the time believe me. There's twists and turns and secrets and misunderstandings. Some of everything. I recommend any adult who loves romance with some passion and twists read this.

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